Solar Loans

A house is not complete without a good lighting system. NMF has a growing solar loan portfolio. West Nile being off-grid at the moment, NMF supplements government’s effort to reach the rural poor with affordable solar home kits. The company offers solar home systems for all calibers of people i.e. the poorest of the poor to the haves who need luxury items like TV sets. This makes NMF one solar shopping Centre. In ten months, NMF has connected about 500 households with solar. The company plans to eliminate kerosene lamps in Arua district in particular and west Nile in general in about 6 (six)years. Among others this clean energy is beneficially to our environment, reduces risk of fire outbreaks in homes, offers clean energy for children to enjoy studies and increase household income directly and indirectly.


Micro Asset Financing

Nile Micro Finance has impacted positively the lives of many ordinary people in Arua in many ways. Among others the company empowers the youth to gainfully employ themselves. NMF through its bodaboda loan scheme has supported many youthful families to fend for their families. Hitherto the youth would sell land to buy motorcycles; this is a rare phenomenon now with the timely intervention of NMF. When NMF scales this up, it will go a long way to reduce unemployment among the young people who will no longer be idle and complaining. They, the youth, are and will continue to be involved in wealth creation.

Housing Microfinance Loans

Nile Micro Finance has made headways in enabling the common person afford a relatively descent home. We target the average person who may not easily meet the eligibility criteria of conventional financial institutions. The company (NMF) recognizes that it’s everybody’s right to live in a descent house; NMF strives to deliver that in spite of the competing demands on its products

Agricultural Loans

This includes a whole range of Agricultural Value Chain Financing (AVCF).In this, all those actors involved in value addition from input suppliers to final product marketing

Working Capital Loans

The business (working capital loans) targets women who are the predominant traders in the Micro Small Medium Enterprises (MSMEs). When you fund a woman you fund a home, fund a man you fund a person. For this reason the company directly targets and finances the rural poor mostly women through its well- tailored group loan product. Through this approach, NMF offers integrated credit where there is convergence of financial and social intermediation (leadership training, cooperative learning and group dynamics etc).

Educational Loans

We finance school/tuition fees and hostel rentals etc. The cost of education has increased beyond many people’s income. Secondary and tertiary education is too expensive to afford for the ordinary person without loan facility. Nile Micro Finance ably bridges the gap by providing affordable loan for human capital development for all levels of education.

Medical Emergency Loans

Since people rarely save money for such purposes, medical emergency loans are everyday realities that unfold. In addition not many have medical insurance schemes to cater for such occurrences.

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