We offer various affordable loans of different sizes tailored for the needs of the informal sector and low end salary earners.

Solar Loans

Get environmentally friendly sources of energy for lighting, cooking, phone and laptop charging plus many more with ease

A plug-and-play solar power hub that collects, converts, stores, & distributes renewable energy.

SoloGrid power hubs provide both AC & DC power, allowing the use of a wide variety of devices and appliances. Our products have been thoughtfully designed and architected — Simple, Safe, and Powerful by design.

Micro asset leasing

Acquire equipment/machinery such as motorcycle (bodaboda), tailoring machine, knitting machine and many more for use in business

Education Loans

Do not be limited by lack of finances to achieve your dream career.

Apply now to pay your tuition fees, hostel fees, purchase scholastic materials and other Faculty requirements


This includes a whole range of Agricultural Value Chain Financing (AVCF).In this, all those actors involved in value addition from input suppliers to final product marketing.

business Loan

Are you currently in business, would like to increase your stock, or urgently deliver an order?

This product is best suited for you

Personal Loans

We know life comes with a lot of demands, say Introduction ceremonies, Weddings and others. Come and fulfill these demands with our personal loans at affordable rates.

Housing microfinance Loan

We finance purchase of building materials like iron sheets, cement and bricks etc. to improve human habitat. It can also be expanded to buying of land for construction of relatively descent shelter. NMF may not limit HIL to residential property but also development of simple/ordinary commercial properties which are within the range of our loan amounts and terms.

medical emergency loan

Since people rarely save money for such purposes, medical emergency loans are everyday realities that unfold. In addition not many have medical insurance schemes to cater for such occurrences.