Agricultural loans

This includes a whole range of Agricultural Value Chain Financing (AVCF).In this, all those actors involved in value addition from input suppliers to final product marketing etc.

Target market:

Small scale farmers engaging in farming activities like crop farming (cultivation of vegetables, oil seed crops, and short yielding crops etc), poultry (layers and broilers) and fish farming (purchase of fingerlings and feeds) etc

Eligibility criteria:

  • Have at least two acres of land
  • Own contribution in form of land, stock of materials
  • Annual crops preferred
  • Person must be over 18years of age

Pricing: Affordable

Driwala Demonstration Farm

Agents in West Nile for AGT-Agro Technologies Limited, producers of Banana tissues.


paultry farm

cabbage farm

Driwala Demonstration Farm

Mrs. Christine Alikoba Jogo

Operations Manager Driwala Demonstration Farm

Tel: 0784985677/0702385852