Home Improvement Loans

We finance purchase of building materials like iron sheets, cement and bricks etc. to improve human habitat. It can also be expanded to buying of land for construction of relatively descent shelter. Nile Micro Finance (U) LTD may not limit HIL to residential property but also development of simple/ordinary commercial properties which are within the range of our loan amounts and terms.

Target group:

Rural and peri-urban dwellers living in wattle and mud houses (huts). Every human being deserves to live in a descent house. This needs a deliberate approach to change the status quo.

Eligibility criteria:

  • One must have land (Purchase agreement, land title certificate, evidence of customary land ownership)
  • Makes own contribution in form of local materials like bricks etc
  • Must have reliable source of income i.e. legal and reliable business or monthly salary

Pricing: Affordable