Micro asset Loans

We finance purchase of motorcycles for bodaboda, 

Objective of Boda Boda Loan

  • Financial inclusion I.e. to enable the youth to access affordable loan to increase their income
  • To reduce the rampant sale of land
  • To offer self-employment to the youths
  • To reduce crime rates among the youths

Target group:

Young men and women. Most of the youth do not have funds to start other trading activities. With Boda Boda loan among others, they can easily engage in transport business and be able raise capital for other activities. With micro asset leasing we also target young women who have dropped out of school with no skills for employment. Such can be trained in tailoring and can acquire sewing machines for fashion and design industry etc

Eligibility criteria

  • 18years and above
  • Valid driving permit in case of use for bodaboda.
  • Reliable projected cash flow
  • Commitment from the borrower to generate income

Pricing: Affordable

Onziga Jimmy

He used to ride a bike for someone whereby on weekly basis he paid money to the ownwer of the bike. With boda boda loan from Nile Micro Finance (U) Ltd, he now has his personal bike.